Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Good week meeting with lots of people and making Cinnamon Rolls!

March 31, 2015


So last week was transfer week and a lot was going on. On Monday, it was our service day so we went and helped Cindy with some pictures and we also got to make cinnamon rolls from scratch. It was so much fun making them and they were really good. Also we had to say goodbye to Elder Jack because he left for Australia. It was really sad to see him leave. The only thing that changed in our District was that Elder Clyde took Elder Jacks spot. He came out with Sister Ridge and she says that he is pretty cool. 

We met with Paula and Kyle, they are a less active family. I love visiting them because they are so nice and they are very caring about us. Also we have been meeting with this kid name Demond. He just turned 17 and got baptized in December. He is trying to get his patriarchal blessing and is wanting to serve a mission. But right now we are just trying to get him to church. We also met with Shari who is a less active. She has been going through a lot of medical problems right now and it is kind of hard for her to get around. She totaled her car a few weeks ago and fell down about a week ago, so we're just trying to help her get things done. Sister Ridge and I finally got to meet with Regina this weekend. It has been about 2 weeks since we saw her and we were a little worried if she was still wanting to see us. But when we met with her, it went really well. We talked to her about The Plan of Salvation and she really loved it. We invited her to be baptized again and she said that after going to church she would answer us. So we were super excited about that. But she didn't come to church on Sunday, and that made me really sad. We will just have to try her again. 

On Saturday, we watched to Women's Conference at Sister Monk's house: she was baptized about a month ago. It was great to be able to watch the conference with her and her daughter. I loved how they talked about Families and how much families are so important. 

We tracted into a few people this week. We met Seth and Kristina who are actually in a church. Seth is a Pastor, and they were super nice to us. They let us in their home on a hot day and we just talked about Christ. We also met LZ and DK. They are brothers and we talked to them for a while about the gospel. We are meeting them again this week and I am excited to see them again. We gave both of them Book of Mormon’s and hoping they read them. 

Also this week we are giving out handouts about Because He Lives. I really love the video and I do know that He is Risen and that He is with us no matter what we go through. I am so excited for General Conference coming up and Easter Sunday. I know that through the Atonement, we get to repent of our sins and to be able to one day return to Him again. 

I hope that Mikey feels better and that he gets elected to be Publicity Chair for Student Council. I pray for Ashleigh and that she gets better. I want my Big Sis to be healthy. I am so excited for Sheree and that they are having a girl. I hope that Justin gets accepted to Med School in Alabama.
Hey I was wondering if Chris had their baby and how they are doing. Also how far is Jared on his mission papers?

I love you guys so much,
Sister O'Connor

 Baking Cinnamon Rolls with Cindy! Yummy Good!

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