Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Easter and General Conference

April 6, 2015

Hey Family,

So this week has been a great week. We got to do a bunch of things. Of course it was the week before Easter and so it was a very spiritual week. On Wednesday it was April Fools Day, and I was getting ready for the Elders to do a prank on us. But we had District meeting on Wednesday and I learned so much that can help me become a better missionary. Then we all went to Applebee's for lunch and that was super fun just to be able to hang out with our district and talk. After lunch, Sister Ridge and I went out and tracted. No body answered their doors but that’s okay. Then we went to our correlation meeting. That went pretty good and we all just helped each other out with our investigators. After the meeting, we sat outside the parking lot waiting for an updated ward roster. We had a candy fight, and we were just talking with members and laughing. Then we had to leave because we had an appointment.

We went and visited Brandi and her two daughters. We taught them the basics of what we believe in and they asked questions. While we were talking, I found out that Mykayla who is 13, is on the Marching Band and is a competitive dancer. So we talked about Marching Band, Dance Mom's and Twitch from “So You Think You Can Dance” (See mom, watching TV has helped me on my mission, Haha!). Then she told us how she has been bullied and then we showed her my favorite Mormon Message video, “Our True Identity”.  She and her family really loved it. We set an appointment to meet with them again, but because of Mykayla's competition schedule we won't be able to see them until April 22nd. They said that they will try to make it to church this Sunday. So we’re just praying that they do. Oh and the lesson went on for about an hour and a half.

So after the lesson our phone was lighting up like a Christmas tree. The elders had called and texted us and so we got back to them and they didn't answer, so we were just going to call them back when we got home. So we got home and we realized that the dead bolt was locked and we normally don't lock it. So when we opened the door, all of our furniture was upside down, toilet paper everywhere, it was a mess. And at first I thought that we had been robbed, but then we realized that it had to be the elders. So were looking around and all of a sudden the door flies open and all of the Elders walk in and Elder Clyde is holding his camera and filming. We kept on asking them how they got in and they told us that they had copied our key a few weeks ago. Ridge and I were just laughing because we thought that it was pretty funny. After, the Elders were nice enough to help us clean up. So I thought that it was a pretty fun day.

I was super excited for General Conference. I took advantage of it when I was home, thinking, “Oh I will just watch it later,” but being able to watch it live, I was able to get more out of it. I felt the spirit so strongly and some of my questions were answered. I just love being able to hear from our Prophet and Apostles and hearing what our Heavenly Father wants us to work on as His children. 

I love you all so much and I am so grateful to have everyone in my life and to be able to have this gospel.

Sister O'Connor     

 Dying Easter Eggs with Sister Ridge at Cindy's House

 Elder Clyde sporting the Easter Bunny look!
 Elder Jake and Elder Clyde enjoying some ice cream.
 Elder Jake sporting the Easter look too!
 Elder Gray and Elder Mobley chillin'
Elder Mobley getting into the Easter spirit!
 James Mayo and Carrol Davis enjoying the fun.
 Enjoying some good food and great company.
 Elder Clyde, Sister O'Connor and Sister Ridge having fun
 Sister Ridge getting in on the Easter fun!

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