Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sickness and Patience

April 13, 2015

Hey Family,

That sounds like a fun Spring Break. 

Well this last week was a pretty hard week. Ridge and I have been sick and not feeling well. So we have been trying to regain our strength and taking it slow. We went to go visit a bunch of people this last week but no one opened their doors. We also went tracting and no one wanted to talk to us. It is really hard when you tract 7 hours and no one wants to talk. So it has kind of been an emotional week, but I found myself on my knees a lot praying to my Heavenly Father and asking for strength to continue and also for peace.  I know that he answers my prayers and one of these days, someone will open their door and listen to us. I am grateful to have Ridge as my companion to help me take one day at a time.
Love you all,

Sister O'Connor

PS. I promise picture will come this next week. It is Elders Gray Birthday this week and so a lot of things will happen

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