Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cold and Rainy

February 23, 2015

​Hey Mom,

I am so jealous of dad right now. That sounds like so much fun. This last week has been hard. The weather has been really cold and rainy. We tracked about 2.5 hours yesterday in the rain and it was cold. Yea this last week nobody wanted to talk to us and we might be meeting someone this week to teach. It was hard and on Wednesday I had a break down with reading all of grandma’s letters. It was really hard and I just wanted to talk to her again, and hearing the advice she has given me over the years just wanted me to do better. Also Saturday was hard because all of our appointments were cancelled and we were dealing with some problems with the investigator we dropped. I just really wanted a hug from my mom but I couldn't. So I just prayed to Heavenly Father that I could feel comfort and it got better.  I'm doing better now, it's a whole new week.

So with the room set up, we all sleep in the same room but we might be moving because our ceiling in our room came down the other night because of all the rain we have been getting. So we'll be looking around for a new apartment, so it might be best that you send mail to the mission office just in case. 

My interview with President went good. We just went over some goals that I'll be working on.
My clothes are doing fine. Everything is fitting and the shoes are so comfortable.
Yea by the time my head hits the pillow, I fall right asleep. It gets a little cold at night, but my blanket works great.

We have been fed my two members. The first was Chicken Alfredo, and the second one we made with Robyn. We made Fried Chicken with potatoes. They were so good. I have the recipe so I will have to make it when I get home. 

My testimony has grown so much. I am learning something new every single day. I am making a lot of new memories.

I don't know if you have seen the blog but Sister Mc Donough put pictures up of interviews this last week and of my District. I love my district so much. We have so much fun doing the Lord's work and just getting to know each other better.

I love you guys so much.

Sister O'Connor 

Fried Chicken made by McKenna and her companions.

Water damage to the roof of their apartment....leaking and falling......

to the ground. Oops clean-up in the bedroom. The ceiling is falling!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Everyone's so friendly!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hey Mom,

Mississippi is so different from Utah, there are so many trees and it's just flat. My District is amazing. Elder Mobley went to Herriman and played football and graduated the same year as me. Elder Grey is from Logan. Elder Clements in from Idaho, Elder Bennett went to Herriman also and Elder Jack is from Micronesia and is waiting for his visa to go to Australia. Pics will come.

Church was great but it wasn't the best Sunday, we had some problems with an investigator and we needed to drop him so that he can figure some things out in his life. So it was a really hard and emotional day.

I have interviews with President this week, so we'll see how that goes.

A typical day is we go meet with investigators, some less active members, and tracking. On my first tracking day we met Regina who is just a sweet heart. She loves the Lord and loves to serve others. We were supposed to meet with her on Monday but she is taking care of sick mom during the weekends. So were going to call her later to make an appointment to come visit her. The other day we came across an older lady named Irene. She just turned 93 and is the cutest grandma. While we were talking with her, I could tell that she has dementia because she told us the some story about 5 times but she a doll. She served in either WW1 or WW2 as a nurse. We'll be visiting her just to serve her.

Um the food here has been okay. Haven't had any southern cooked food. Mostly eating at McDonalds. We went to a place called Newk's which is just like Zupas and Mcalister's deli. So the food is the same old.

I am so excited for Jared to be starting his Mission papers and for Kade’s mission call.
That is so awesome that Mikey had fun on his date and is going through the process of getting his Patriarchal blessing. It will help him in his life and help guide him.
My companions are great and they are teaching me so much. I'm learning something new everyday. I'm taking every day one day at a time. Love you guys and miss you so much.

Sister O'Connor

Hey Dad,

It's great to be in a trio. My companions are awesome and are helping me each day. I was wondering when did Dave Johnson serve in Mississippi cause some people might remember him. It was raining all yesterday and it's kind of cold here.

This last week was interesting with meeting with investigators and tracking. Just trying to get in the groove of things. The people are great here, they are so friendly and no ones afraid to talk about Christ. 

Love you so much!!!!

Sister O'Connor

McKenna's first area in Brandon (Flowood) MS

This is McKenna's first apartment. It is in a nice area and has a washer and dryer in the apt. They have a car right now which is nice since it has been a little cold. She loves the green trees.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pictures from last weeks arrival and tranfers

My new favorite picture of McKenna at the airport!

Gathering their luggage and off to the Mission Home

 Now that a lot of luggage!

17 of the newest missionaries in the Mississippi Jackson Mission
at the airport before leaving to the Mission Home.

What a good looking group of "Greenies" new missionaries.

McKenna with other sisters on Tuesdays transfer day

Sweet President McDonough

One last group picture before the leave to their new areas to 
serve our Heavenly Fathers children in MJM.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Call home, Arrival to Mississippi and First Assignment

February 10, 2015

(Written by mom)
McKenna called home Monday morning at 5:50 am from the Salt Lake City Airport. They got up at 2:30 am to get ready and meet their bus/van for the airport at 3:30 am. She is so excited to get to Mississippi. It was great to hear her voice. She sounded so good and happy. Of course I had lots of questions. She said the food in the MTC was good the first few days and then it was the same as college dining food. She had the same teachers while she was there and loved them. She said that her testimony has grown so much in the short time she was there. The other two sisters in her room were going to California, Spanish speaking. She enjoyed seeing friends from school in the MTC. Her favorite part about being there was learning and understanding her missionary purpose. The night before they left the MTC Mission President (uncle to Sister Burgess in her district) at dinner with them. She said that was great. We talked for 28 minutes and then she wanted to get off the phone so the others could call home. She was ready, confident and happy to get to the mission field so she could start the work that her Heavenly Father called her to do. Surprisingly there were no tears...not even from mom. How could I be sad when she is in the right place teaching and serving God's children. Mothers Day is only 89 days away and we can talk again.
There was 8 missionaries on her flight and 9 on the another flight. She flew to Atlanta for a 2 hour lay over before flying and arriving in Jackson, Mississippi at about 3:00 pm. President and Sister McDonough, the Assistants to the President and the Sister Trainers were there to meet them and take them to the Mission Home. 

Sister Alexis Kendall from St. Louis, Missouri and McKenna
on the flight to Mississippi. (Photo thanks to Alexis's roommate
dad who happened to be on the same flight for business)

February 10, 2015

Hey Mom,

I love it here. To answer your questions, I sat by Kimi on both flights and she is a cutie. She is so nice. Yea we spent the night at the Mission home and it is such a cute house. For dinner we had Chicken Alfredo and it was amazing to have a home cooked meal. The Mission President and his wife are so cute. They picked us up at the airport and they are so kind. I got my assignment this morning. I'll be in Brandon, Jackson Stake and my companions are Sister Todd and Sister Ridge (three some). I'm super excited. Love you all!!!!!
Sister O'Connor 

Pictures are coming. Sorry!

Sister McKenna O’Connor with other sisters in the MTC Provo
On a Sunday afternoon walk to the Provo Temple.

Sister O’Connor with President and Sister McDonough on
Her first day in Mississippi Jackson Mission.

Sister O’Connor with her new companions. Sister Ridge &
Sister Todd. Her first area in the mission field will be
Brandon, Mississippi in the Jackson Stake. She is so excited!!!

Thanks to the Mississippi Jackson Mission Moms facebook page, I found out that McKenna's companion Sister Ridge is from Highland, Utah (15 minutes from us). She goes home in 12 weeks. Her sister in law was in Mikes class at Lehi HS and her brother and his wife moved into the house across the street from our old house on Apache Lane.  We also found out that two of the Westlake band kids that performed with McKenna lived in Brandon, MS for 8 years. Talk about a small world. So grateful for these connections. 

We also got a message from a sister who lives in the Brandon Ward:

Hi Laura,
My name is Tammy Whidden, I am in the Brandon Ward and a Ward Missionary so I will be working with your daughter and am looking forward to getting to know and meet her tomorrow. If you ever need anything while she is here you can contact me as well as President and Sister McDonough who are awesome with the missionaries. Thank You for letting her serve the Lord as we do his work, we have some really great missionaries here and of course will come home a true southerner. We will love her and take good care of her, hopefully someday I will get to meet you in person. I have met a lot of our missionary’s parents and love to meet them. Living here in a place that is not a big LDS area but the most people are very true or try to be. If you ever need to check on her my ph. # is and I  would love to help her. Just remember she will be very loved here.    Tammy

(Thank you Tammy and we are so grateful for the members in the mission who help teach, feed, love and help the missionaries)