Thursday, February 5, 2015

First email home....

February 5, 2015

Hey Family,

First email YAY. I love it here in the MTC. My district is so amazing. The first time we met, we were all kind of quiet, but now we talk with each other, laugh all the time with each other, and give each other heck. We say we're a family. Most of us say that were a Family and it feels like we knew each other before we came to earth. I believe that's true. We all came at this time so that we can learn together to go on a mission. They have become my family and new friends that I will have for the rest of my life. Elder Malmstrom is from Washington, Elder Elles (5 year convert) is from Oregon, Elder Lindsey (2 year convert) is from Maryland, Elder Holt is from Utah, Sister Kay (did color guard) is from Idaho, Sister Burgess (niece to the MTC president) is from Alpine, and my companion Sister Stephens is from Ohio. We are all going to Mississippi but Elder Holt who is going to Australia. We all work together great and we still have time to laugh, I don't think I have laughed so much then I have in this past week. We have been playing volleyball during gym time and it is so much fun. The Elders always say, "Nice one Sister O'Connor". They always give me heck and tease me, but I love it. They feel like older brothers.

I have learned so much being here. Our schedules have been packed with classes, work-outs, service, and teaching lessons. I have had three investigators being here and they are awesome people. I have a love for them with only meeting and teaching them a few times. It's hard to figure out what they need to be taught and how the spirit can help us teach them. I have had some emotional days. We had a hard time with an investigator and I was really down on myself. I met with one of our teachers, Sister Barton, and I was telling her about all that I have gone through and that Satan was trying to make me feel worthless, but Sister Barton told me something, she said, "every time you feel that way, look down at your name tag and remember that the Lord is in front of you, behind you and beside you. He is always with you and is proud of your decision for going on a mission." I am so grateful for that and I have placed that deep within my heart.

During the days, I have felt the spirit so strongly and know that I am in the right place. At first I was scared because we were teaching investigators the second day I was here. But now I feel so comfortable to be with them and I know that that is the spirit helping me. My testimony has grown even more for just being here for 8 days. It's so hard to tell you everything because there is so much to tell. I have been able to find my purpose as a missionary. "My Purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ, and His Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end."

My flight to leave for Mississippi is at 7:10 am and we have to leave the MTC by 3:30 am. Not so excited about that. But I can't wait to be able to serve out in the field. 

Tell everyone thank you for all their prays and thoughts for me. I can feel all of the love from everyone. Everyone wants to thank you for all of the treats. The Elders tease because of all the mail I have gotten. They say that they can make a fire with all of my letters. HAHA!! But thanks for all of it. 

Also can you look up a movie that I can tell everyone that it's a movie and I'm not crazy. I think it's Darby O'Gill and the Little People. It's the one with the old Irish man that says he caught a leprechaun and there's a pink horse and a carriage that takes you to death. I think it's a Disney Movie but I'm not sure. If you find it, let me know and send me the plot of it so I can show them that I'm not crazy. I know it's random. 

This last Sunday was fast Sunday and we got to go to two devotionals and it was so spiritual. Now I know why people say that if you make it till Sunday, your good because you get to take a break from the normal classes and you get to just reflect on yourself. It's so peaceful and so relaxing. One of the speakers said something that I love. "It's not the best 18 months of your life, but it's the best 18 months FOR your life." Going on a mission will be able to help me become a better person and a better wife and mother. Just sacrificing 18 months of my life will bring me a lifetime full of blessings and my family and also those who I teach.

Okay so my email time is coming to a close and I just want to say how grateful I am for you guys and you being my family. I love you all and can't wait to talk to you before I leave for Mississippi. 

Love you with all my heart and soul,

Sister O'Connor

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