Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Birthday Week

April 20, 2015

Hey Family,

So this week has been great. I think the best so far. 

On Monday , the elders went to a Mississippi Braves game so it was just me and Sister Ridge. We got a bunch of shopping done and went and got hair color. Surprise I dyed my hair. It's a light brown with red in it. I love it so much. 

On Wednesday we had Specialized Training. It went really well, they just asked all of the new missionaries if they had any questions and we practiced a few things. It was so nice to be able to see everyone and to spend time with them. After the meeting we all went to Cane's for lunch. It was pretty fun to see about 30 missionaries in one place. After lunch, I went on mini exchanges with Sister James. We went tracting for about 2 hours, and it was pretty hot out. No one was answering their doors, but then a guy named Matt answered. We talked to him for about 30 minutes and it went really well. We set up another appointment to meet with him on Sunday. We switched back companions so we could get to our ward correlation meeting at the church. After the meeting, Sister Ridge got a prompting to go visit Demond, so we drove over to his house. When we were pulling up, I saw two girls who were doing flags and I got SUPER excited. I was such in a hurry to meet these two girls. We went and talked with them. Their names are Taylor and Brooklyn and they are super cute girls. Tryouts are coming up so they were practicing and they let me do some tricks with their flags, which made me so happy. It has been a long time since holding one. Well Demond came out during this and he helped us teach the girls the Restoration. It went really well and I was so happy that the spirit led us there.

On Thursday it was Elder Gray's Birthday. When the Elders went and worked out, Sister Ridge and I went and decorated their apartment. It was super cute and he was really surprised by it. After we all went out to breakfast at the Waffle House, we had fun there.  After a little nap, we went to the church to have a District meeting. Following the District meeting we went out to lunch to Applebee's. They have this game where if your food isn't out within 12 minutes then your food is free. So we did that and while we were waiting, we were all just talking and laughing. When we looked at the timer, it was 10 seconds till 12 minutes and nobody's food was out. So we were all getting pretty excited, finally the food came out and it was way past 12 minutes. So we were all happy about it. After lunch we went tracting and then we went and ate dinner and the Young's home. They are an older couple and they were super sweet. They were very welcoming to us and we had fun talking with them. So today was a pretty great day.

On Friday, we met with the Saucier’s and ate lunch with them. They are so cool and Sister Ridge talks about them all the time. They are from the Gulfport area, the Long Beach, MS Ward. I really want to serve in the coast so I can be able to serve around them. Then after we went and tracted and went and saw Shari and grabbed my birthday package from the Mayo's. Then later that night we went and made pizzas at Cindy's house.

On Saturday, we did the normal routine and then that night we went to the Usry's house for a surprise party for Elder Gray. We got there and we surprised Elder Gray, and he doesn't like to be surprised. And I love being able to be with everyone in my district. During the party, we were talking about going to baseball game, Mississippi Braves, before Sister Ridge goes home in a few weeks. We decided to go to a game this Friday, MY Birthday.  I am super excited!

No but this week has been such a great week. I was able to remember the reason of why I came out on a mission. 

I will be staying out in Flowood for another transfer. I will be taking over the area, which I'm a little nervous about. Everyone in the ward and some of the elders are saying that I will be training someone, but I have no idea. So we will see. President McDonough calls us the weekend before transfers, so we will see what happens.  I have interviews with him next week.

I love you all so much.

Sister O'Connor

 Sister Ridge and I after lunch with Kristin
 Church in Brandon Area
 Beautiful trees on streets in Flowood

 Mississippi Braves Stadium

 Sister Ridge and I

Elders at the Specialized Training Meeting
 Sister Burgess at I after the training
Sister Poulson, Sister James, Elder Gray and I after the training

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