Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer in the South!

July 25, 2016

Hey Family,

Looks like y'all had a pretty eventful week. This past week has been so hot, as soon as we step outside we are just soaked with sweat. It has been pretty gross. 

This week has been a hard one. We had a lot of appointments set up but when we got there to see them, they didn't answer. That bummed us out a little bit. We tracted a bunch too and like I said, it has been dang hot. Also it has stunk too because I got sick on Tuesday and I couldn't really get better. Pretty sure it is just a cold and being outside all the time, but I am drinking lots of water and trying to stay in the shade. 

Oh so we got to go to St. Vincent’s on Tuesday and it was going to be the last time, but I was able to figure a way so that we can still do our personal studies and do service. So we called President later that night and told him the idea and he said that this week will be the trail run and to let him know how it goes. We have also been doing our scripture study class but nobody has really come the last couple weeks because of summer. So that has kind of stunk. 

We got to see Latoria with Sister Turley and it was a really great visit. She is waiting to get into her house and so her and her 5 kids are living in a hotel room. And it has just been really stressful for her and we just focused a lot on how much God loves her. The spirit was there and we could tell that this was something that she really needed. 

We had a pioneer activity and we have been inviting so many people to the activity. SO we have been focusing on that and when we got to the activity nobody came. We were pretty disappointing but was happy for those that came. And after we got home, I was really in a ice cream, sugar mood but we didn't really have any. So I was walking around and said, "I want sugar, but it's bad for me". It was pretty funny and Sister May fell to the floor dying laughing. 

Sunday was a really good day. All of the missionaries got the opportunity to speak and it was a very good sacrament meeting. I was the last to speak so that it either a good thing or a bad thing because I can either have a lot of time to talk or like no time. But I had a good amount of time. I was going to talk about my ancestor but I just had a feeling to talk about dad and how he was a modern day pioneer and just tied it all in of me being on my mission. It went very well and I was proud of it. After sacrament, I asked the elder's for a blessing cause I haven't been feeling good and just going through a lot. And the spirit was for sure there for the blessing. things were mentioned that the elders didnt know about and things that are in my patriarchal blessing. It was so cool to hear all that was mentioned on all the blessings that spoken of. It was just pretty cool!!!

After church, the elders were going up to Cleveland and they were willing to give us the car to use it, which we were pretty grateful for. So we had a feeling to go and see Courtney. She was home and was able to visit with her. She hasn't read the Book of Mormon yet but she has been able to watch videos on lds.org which we were happy about. But we got to get the Book of Mormon app on her phone so that she can listen to it and after we got it installed, her son grabbed the phone and started to listen to it. It was pretty cool to see that and how interested he was in it. We got to talk with her about the Restoration and she understood everything and really loved the pamphlet. It was a really great lesson and we are going to see her on Tuesday. 

After Courtney, we went and stopped by Sherry Valerie's house and she had just gotten home from work. The visit was going really good and we were able to see how she is doing. She joined another church and told us a little more of why she joined the church. We are still going to visit her and let her know that we love her. 

Sorry that this week in short. I love y'all and am excited to see y'all in a couple weeks. 

Sister McKenna O’Connor

My new district! (Missing one elder)

I love Greenville!

P Day Fun!

Service at St. Vincents...my favorite!

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