Monday, July 11, 2016

Hot in the South!!!

June 13, 2016

Hey Family,

This past week we were so busy and we were able to get a lot of things done. 

Well of course this week started off with getting to go to a baseball game. Chara's son made it into the finals and so we were there to support him. They won the first game on Monday and they did a really good job and then they had the Championship Tuesday night and that was a bad game. The other team was cheating and not playing fair. It was making me really made that people would do this, especially for 5 and 6 year olds. My competitive side came out and lets just say that my voice was pretty rough the next morning. We will have to see what happens know at Dad's games, haha!!

We were finally able to catch up with Kyah and she is doing pretty good. She is still trying to figure out if she is going to move to Biloxi or Hattiesburg, which either of them would be great because she will get to leave her church and will be looking for one there. So we pray that it happens.
We got to see Sammy and Sir and was able to go over the baptismal questions with them. We were able to go over everything again and see what they remember. Also we got to figure the program out for the baptism. So it was a really great visit. 

Wednesday we got to drive to Clinton for a zone meeting and I was super excited to be able to see Sister Kendall and Sister Pitt. When I saw both of them, I gave them the biggest hug!! It was great begin able to see other missionaries and everyone. For the meeting, the main topic was how we need the spirit when we teach and also how we can have the spirit in our lives. It was a really great meeting and was able to learn a lot from it and have been working on having the spirit while teaching. I have seen a big difference. 

Friday was a really busy day. We went out with Sister Morrill to try to find a lot of the less-active members. It was a nice because the place we were wanting to do it for a while but we couldn't cause of how far away it is and we don't have many miles We tried about 10 people and a lot of the people we found out don't live here anymore so that helps a bunch with the ward roaster. We were a little discouraged because we hadn't really talked to anyone, but the last person we tried was there. Ms. Williams was there and she hasn't been to church because of health problems. She is a very sweet lady and is all by herself, so we will for sure have to visit her more often. But after, getting in and out of the car with it being hot and humid, it was all worth it. 

Okay so Saturday was pretty insane. We went to Taco Bell to try and see Ariel and Jamie and we we got to talk with them for a little before they started work. Then we went and walked around everywhere and talked to a bunch of people. It was very productive, then we walked over to see a less-active but she wasn't home. We were walking all over the place and it was soooo hot outside. We were walking around for a straight 6 hours and our feet were so tired. But it was a really good day.
So I have a favor to ask y'all? If you could just keep Sammy and Sir in your prayers. A bunch of stuff happened this past week and we feel that they are not ready to get baptized right now. They are going through a lot and are just trying to figure everything out.

Sunday was a pretty good sacrament meeting. Sister Durtschi gave a talk on prayer and Bro. Williams gave a talk on testimony.They were really great talks and you could feel the spirit. Then we got to have dinner at the Turley's and we always love going over there.
So this week has been pretty busy and tiring but a lot was done. Lokks like of course y'all had a busy week too! Hope you have a fun time in DC and Mikey at Boy's State. Hope everything works out for Ashleigh with moving and her new job. Love you all and miss you!!!

Sister McKenna O'Connor

Sister Pitt, Sister Kendall and me

Finally got to meet Sister Pitt! Love her....

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