Monday, April 25, 2016

Pied in the Face

March 7, 2016

Hey Family,

Looks like all y'all had a great, busy week. We were able to get a lot down this past week, it felt really well.

We got to go with the other Sister to Sharkheads (it's a shop on the beach). It's a really big store and go to wonder around for a little bit and get a few things, then we went to the church and played some volleyball. So funny thing, one of the Elders in the Biloxi ward, Elder Andrew Tranior, he went to Westlake and is from Eagle Mtn. Dad failed him in Driver's Ed because he was speeding during the test, haha! Then we got to have dinner at Sister Ladniers and then got to go to the Thomas's to see how they are doing.

Tuesday was a really good day. We went and stopped by Steve and Debbie real quick to drop off a bible that Debbie wanted and also to invite them to the ward Luau. They were okay with seeing us and we got to talk with them for a little bit. But Sister Poulson and I have decided to take a break with them. We know that Debbie wants to learn more but Steve is in the way and we don't want the situation to get any worse. So just keep Debbie in your prayers. After we got to go try Blake. Blake is the guy that Sister Burgess and I tracted into. It has been hard trying to catch him but he was outside when we pulled up. So we got to talk with him about the Restoration and he had really good questions. Just pray that his heart will be soften. Then we got to see the Haley's. They are doing pretty good. They are always happy when we come over to see them. They are basically my mission grandparents. I love them so much.

Wednesday we had a great District meeting. We talked about Alma 7 and Preach My Gospel. Then we all went out to eat at Mugshots. Really good burger place. Also they have a Mugshot Challenge so 2 of the Elders decide that it would be a good idea to try it. So they basically have to eat 3 burgers stacked on top of each other with a lot of fries and they have to eat it in 12 minutes.  They did a pretty good job but they weren't able to finish it, so they had to pay $20 and they got a belly ache. Then when we got back to the apartment, Sister Poulson went and lay down because she wasn't feeling good. Then we went to Church to have correlation. We had a really good talk with one another, and Elder Schleip ( he did the Mugshot) was totally zoned out during the meeting, so he had a food coma, ha-ha!

We got to see Tonia and Brittney this week and we got to take Sister Cardon with us. So their preacher told them not to read from the Book of Mormon but they read it any way. We were so happy to hear that. So we talked with them about the Restoration and right at the beginning, Tonia, started to cry. So we waited in peace for a little bit then asked her what she was thinking. She told us that she has done a lot in her life that she wasn't proud of, but we talked to her a little bit about the Atonement and how our Heavenly Father still loves us when we do things wrong and that Jesus Christ knows what we are going through because he went through it. As we continued on, they were asking really good questions and were saying why they don't know why people say we don't worship Jesus because we talk about Jesus (It's on our name tag). You could just feel the spirit so strong and it felt really good. Then we got to go out with the Chesley's for dinner. We went out to Newks. I always love being with the Chesley's, they are great. As we were having dinner, Sister Chesley told me that I reminded her of her sister. So that is pretty cool.

Also the Melines took us out this week for dinner and we were joking of how there is no parade this time, As we were eating, we talked about the Luau and how the dessert auctions get intense and Brother Meline was saying that he would help us out getting a dessert. Saturday morning we had Bishop's Storehouse and that always goes great. Then we went and tried a couple people, but they were home or they were asleep. So as we were walking back to the apartment, we decided to stop by Carla Cannon's (it has been a while since we have seen her). So when we knocked on the door she was home and we got to talk with her. We got to share with her "God is the Gardner" and also about the 2000 stripling warriors. It went very good and hopefully we can see her more often. So we got home and got already for the Luau. So Ashley Thomas picked us up and we headed over. As we walked in, the youth put fun luau hats on us and also leis.  It was a lot of fun getting to see all that they had set up with all the desserts on the table. As I was looking at the desserts, Bro. Meline came up to me to figure out which one I liked. So we decided on one and he told me that I needed to bid for it. So we got our food and it was really good. Then they started the dessert auction. As they got about half way through they brought out whip cream pies to pie people. So Bobbi got the first pie and decided to pie Elder Schliep, then Sister Water's pied Elder Crouch. It was pretty dang funny. Then the Elders went over to Bishop Williams and was able to get the next pie, and they decided to pie Sister Poulson and I. I was a little upset but I just accepted it. So we got up there and had to put our faces really close together. So they pied us and I got most of the pie and it was all over the place (at least it didn't get on my clothes). Then we got to pie someone, so we decided to pie Bishop for helping them out. It was a lot of fun. But the smell of it was making me really nausea. Then they continued on with the dessert auction and of course the cake I wanted was the last one. So as they started off, I would look over to Brother Meline to see what we wanted to do and he would just tell me keep going. So the auction was going and it was down to me and a Sister in the ward. And as the prices were getting higher, people were starting to freak out that I was bidding a lot. The Elders were right next to me and they were freaking out so much, it was pretty funny. Brother Wright was the auctioneer and he was kind of freaking out too. I'm pretty sure people were bidding just so I didn't have to pay. And during the whole time, I was keeping a straight face and would just check with the Meline's. Finally I won the cake for $125. I then go up to the Meline's to figure out to pay for half, but they said it was okay and that it was on then. They are so amazing and they do so much for us. It was a lot of fun to end the night off. Also none of our people we invited showed up which kind of stunk.

Sunday was Fast and testimony meeting. I always love testimony meeting, it's always great to hear other's testimonies of the Gospel. One of the sister's in the ward was telling us that her father in really ill and is just waiting to return to our Heavenly Father. It was really sad and it just made me really miss everyone. The whole theme was The Plan of Salvation. It was a really spiritual testimony meeting. Then in gospel principles, we got to talk about the Millennium. It was a really good discussion. Then in Relief Society we talked about our trails and enduring them. It was a great day. Then we got to have dinner at the Cardon's and I always love hanging out with them. We had a really good dinner and our lesson was great. We talked with them about the Gospel and the Atonement. Everything we had talked about just tied with each other. Then after, the Elders came over so that we can talk about the Missionary experience that we want to have for the youth. We planning to have them get mission calls and then they get to go to the MTC then they get to go out into the mission field. It is going to be a lot of work but it will be worth it to show the youth a little bit of mission life. So we are pretty excited about it. It will happen the last 2 weeks of March. So we had a pretty good week and are excited to see the work that is happening. The Vision of the South is starting.

I love and miss y'all so much!!! Hope you have a great week!!

Sister McKenna O'Connor

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