Monday, April 25, 2016

General Conference

April 4, 2016

Hey Family,

Looks like y'all have had a fun filled week with getting to be in Cali. Hope y'all are enjoying it!  

On P-day, we got to go walk Downtown Ocean Springs and it was pretty fun.  We got to talk to a couple of people. We got to go tracting a little bit this week, we are in need of finding new investigators. While tracting, we got to meet this guy named Allen. Allen is in a wheelchair and a pretty nice guy. We got to share with him the Restoration. It felt so great to share it with him and so happy that the spirit was there to help. He was listening to everything we were sharing and he was willing to read from the Book of Mormon. We set up an return appt. so we will hopefully see him this week. We also were able to go try Ashley, one of our potentials but when we got there she wasn't there. Brett answered the door which we have seen him a couple times but we finally were able to talk with him a little bit about the church and a few things we believe in. After while we were in the car about to leave, a car pulled up and it was Ashley. SO we hurried and got out of the car and to talk with Ashley and her friend. It was nice to finally get to visit with her after such a long time. We set a return appointment with her also. Which when we went over there for the return appointment we took Sister Stewert. But when we got there, Ashley wasn't there but Brett was there so we got to talk with him and share with him the Restoration. And we were so surprised with some of the things he was sharing. He knows a lot about the Bible and he was basically agreeing with everything we were sharing and it was awesome. We got to leave him a Book of Mormon and will see him tomorrow, so pray that it will go well. Wednesday night, we had the last part of the Missionary experience for the youth. We went over what we learned last time and the youth then got to teach to investigators (members). We got to peek through the door windows and watch how they were doing and everyone was doing well. When they finished, we got back together and talked a little bit. The investigators said that they did a really good job which was great to hear. Bishop Williams concluded the night talking to them and was proud of them doing this. It was a great experience and hopefully we can do it again. Oh so crazy story, we finished weekly planning on Friday and it had been raining ALL day. So when we were done, we went to see if there was any mail and its pouring outside and of course, no mail. SO were walking back and then we start running back cause its pouring, and all of a sudden, the sky lights up and we hear this loud crash. So we start booking it back and I slip and fall in the grass. I'm covered in mud and I broke an umbrella. It was really scary, we were shaking after it.
Saturday morning, we got to go help with Bishop's Storehouse which it is probably my last one which is kind of sad. I always love helping out there and serving others. After we went with the Biloxi Sisters and went to do service at a members house and got to watch the first session. Then we went to the church for lunch and the Skiles fed us and we had this really cool experience. The Skiles were sharing experiences from when they go to the Temple and Brother Skiles bore his testimony and it was so powerful and was so great. It was the best to experience something like this between sessions. Then we got to watch the afternoon session and after we got to go to Ashley's house to have dinner. She made shrimp and grits which was the first time I have had grits and they were...interesting. Then we had blackberry cobbler for dessert and that was really good. Sunday morning, I did what we always do, made scones. It made me feel right at home. I made a bunch and gave a few to the Elders which they really liked them. 

I really enjoyed this Conference and all the things I was able to take from the speakers. I loved getting to hear from President Monson and even though his talk was short, it was such a powerful message. I really enjoyed Elder Hollands and how powerful it was and a great way to end the Conference. I loved all the talks and am looking forward to reading them and listening to them again. Also you saw that we had dinner with the Cardons after the last session and I am so grateful for everything they have done for me. They are leaving this weekend to go on a cruise so this would have been the time to take our picture. And right before that, I started to cry because this was going to be the last time, and Bro Cardon didn't realize it. So very thankful for them and this is always the hardest part of missionary work, leaving. 

Love y'all so much and miss you!!!
Sister McKenna O'Connor

Bishops Storehouse

Cardon Family

Conference Sunday Tradition....Scones!

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