Monday, April 25, 2016

God be with you til we meet again Ocean Springs!

April 11, 2016

Hey Family,

So we got transfer calls this morning from the Zone Leaders and I am going back up to Jackson. Not sure what area and who I am getting until tomorrow. Little disappointed about not leaving MS but for some reason, Heavenly Father wants me back up in Jackson. Sister Poulson is going back to Utah. She is coming home early for medical reasons. So we are just going to be getting everything ready for the two new sisters coming in Ocean Springs. I am super sad leaving this area and all of the wonderful people that I have been able to meet here. I love everyone here and the memories that I have been able to create. So grateful that I could serve 6 months here.

So we got to help out Monday morning with a funeral for a members dad who passed away. We got to set everything up and it was truly a miracle with all the people that helped out. We feared that we wouldn't have enough food but it turned out that we had plenty leftover. It was amazing how many people helped out to lighten a load off a family. After, we got to start walking to see Carla Cannon and on our way, Sister Stewart pulled right next to us and gave us a ride. And when we pulled up, Carla got really excited to see Sister Stewart (Sis Stewart was Carla's Laurel advisor in YW's). We all got to talk for a little bit and got to invite Carla to watch General Conference. She was so happy to see us and we always love visiting with her. Then we went out with Ashley to go out to eat and to see around Ocean Springs.

So on Tuesday, we were walking around to visit with people and we didn't have much success but we got to visit with Sister Stewart and her great-grand son Keagon. We got to chat with them for a good time and then she was so sweet and took us out for ice cream. Sister Stewart is so great and I am so thankful for her.

On Wednesday we had ZTM and they told us some new things about the mission. So with transfers, we don't get calls now until Monday morning. Which is really crazy but it will help the mission. Then we talked about using the Book of Mormon more and also about Ward Councils. It was a really great meeting.

So it was a great day on Thursday, we got to go out with Ashley to see Allen and Brett. We got to visit with Allen for a little bit and got to talk more about the Book of Mormon. We started reading in 2 Nephi 2, but then his legs started to contract and we could tell that he was in pain so we left him to read the rest of it. Then we went and tried Brett but he was busy taking care of sick kids so we scheduled to see him Sunday. Then we tried Jolynn and we got to visit with her for a quick min. We invited her to watch some of General Conference.Then Ashley took us out to lunch and we always love getting to hang with her. She does so much for us and I am really grateful for her and her mom. After, we went to the church to meet with the special  AP's (They drive around the mission to talk with us. Not the AP's). We got to ask them questions about the mission and any concerns that we have. It was a really cool experience. Then we got to go out to dinner with Bobbi and her kids. We ate at Fisherman's Wharf and then went to the Hard Rock Casino to get Ben and Jerry's (We didn't go into the casino, haha!!). Got to take some cool pictures and then we called it a night.

So you will be really proud of me. We helped Bobbi with her lawn on Saturday and I mowed her whole lawn and I was dang tired after, haha! She lives on a little hill so that was fun pushing the mower up and down. But I felt like home doing lawn work on a Saturday morning ( and I didn't say, "I'm Done"). After we hurried and ran home to get ready to go out with Sister Cardon for lunch. We had less than 30 mins for both of us to shower and get ready but we did it. We went out to Newk's and then we went to see a less-active and her grand-daughter. We had a really good visit, they like to talk so we had to find a way to get out. It was so great to go out with Sister Cardon and am so thankful for all that she and her family has done for me. After we had to take the car in to get checked but we couldn't find Firestone and we got stuck in traffic (They have Black Spring Break down here). Then we got to go to the Chesley's for dinner. We had such a great time there laughing and talking about a lot of things. We also talked about General Conference and we had a great discussion. They are such a great family and we will for sure have to visit them in Hawaii.

So Sunday was my last time in the Ocean Springs Ward. We talked about conference talks. It was a really good day but it didn't sink in that I was leaving cause we didn't find out till today. But got to see a lot of people. After church we went and saw Allen. He was able to read the rest of 2 Ne 2. We got to figure out a little bit more about him and what he believes in. We also got to our purpose and why we are out on a mission. Then we got to invite him to watch conference and he said he will watch a few. It was so great and I really hope he watches them and feels the spirit. We got to stop by Brett and he was busy but we got to talk for a min and leave him a question of the soul from Preach My Gospel. He wonders what the purpose of life is, so we left him Alma 34. Every time we see him, some thing changes a little bit. Not sure what it is but hopefully it will help him focus a little more on what we are teaching him. We then got to visit Sister Leonard and she is such a sweet lady and loves when we come over. It's her birthday today, so we left a couple of cute notes for her to find. We after got to visit with Thelma and Ashley. They are so fun and gave me a cute good-bye gift. They do so much for us and I am going to miss them.
Again I am extremely grateful for serving on the coast in Ocean Springs. It has been just like home and I will miss it so much. Thankful that Heavenly Father let me be here for 6 months. I can't believe that I have 3 transfers left. Time goes by so fast and I am excited to go to a new area and start a new adventure.

Love and Miss y'all!!!!!
Sister McKenna O'Connor  

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