Saturday, July 11, 2015

Strenghten testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith

July 7, 2015

Love the pictures and it looks like you guys had so much fun!! 

On Monday, we went and biked around Bonita Lakes, which it was a pretty bumpy, hills and jumps all over the place. We were only there for a little bit because Sister Demetropoulas  and I had to leave early to head out to Whynot, Mississippi. There is an investigator out there that we were going to visit. So in Whynot, we meet the investigator and on the way back we found a race track or something like that and we took pictures with it. It was a lot of fun!! 

Tuesday, we had flash flood warnings so we had to wait inside till the storm settled, then we tried to go out with a member to see people and of course no one answered. So when we got back, we figured out what we were going to talk to Essie about, and we decided to talk about Joseph Smith because the night before we had watched the Restoration movie and Mountain of the Lord. So when we got to Essie's, we asked her if she had been reading the Book of Mormon and she told us that she was prompted to re-read Joseph Smith History. We were so amazed by that. So we talked about Joseph Smith and all of the trails that he went through and how he died for this gospel. Then it moved into how temples are important and how we do baptisms for the dead. Then it went to the Plan of Salvation and how the Spirit world works.  I shared with her about  Grandma and her passing and how I know that she is watching over me and is helping me here on my mission and how I will one day see here again. We could all feel the spirit there very strongly and it was pretty emotional. After I reflected on what we talked about, my testimony grew stronger about the Prophet Joseph Smith and how he was chosen by God to restore this gospel back on the earth, and how the plan of salvation works.

Wednesday, the Zone leaders came to Meridian for District Meeting and they talked to us about the new mission president coming in and how he was called just like President McDonough to be a mission President. After we went to Chili's for lunch and we had a lot of fun. Then we tracted and tried to see potential investigators.

Thursday, we went to Temple Theatre to serve and they gave us two trash bags of popcorn that they were going to throw away. Later we went and visited Sister Stone to see how she was doing. Then we had dinner at Sarah and Colton Campbell's house. They both have served missions and Sarah actually served in the MJM mission a few years ago. So we ate with them and talked about Joseph Smith.

Friday, We meet with a new investigator and shared with her the Restoration and she understood everything and agreed about how we have so many churches. We are trying to visit with her again later. Then we saw Essie again and we helped her get the app on her phone and we watched videos and listened to music. When we got back, the Slaughters told us that they had my package, so they came and got us. It was pretty funny to see an elf come out of the car and having Christmas music playing. It was fun opening up the package and all of the letters. It made my day!!

Saturday, 4th of July!!!!!! We had a Pancake Breakfast in the morning and that was a lot of fun, begin able to visit with members. Later we went home and cleaned the place up a little bit cause it is really hard to tract on holidays cause either everyone is out of town or don't answer their doors. Then we went over to the Morgan's house which Sam Morgan had just been called as our Ward Mission Leader. So we had a BBQ over there and we all had a lot of fun, then we drove over to Bonita Lakes to watch Fireworks with some members. The Fireworks we really cool!!!

Sunday, Sister Demetropoulos and I got to teach a primary class and it was pouring outside. The thunder was shaking the church building. It has been raining basically all week. After church we went and tracted a little bit. Then we went to the Blalocks house and had dinner with them. They are such a cute family and really love the missionaries. 

I noticed this week, that we talked about Joseph Smith a lot. Sister Demo and I called it the Joseph Smith week. I have grown to love what he did to restore the gospel and even died for it. I know that he was a prophet and that he was called to do a great and marvelous work. Just like how I am called to do a Great and Marvelous Work in Mississippi. 

Love you all and miss you!!!!
Sister O'Connor

P-Day at the Meridian Carousal with the Elders (sorry no names yet)

 View in Meridian, Mississippi

Sister O'Connor and Sister Demetropoulas from Thousand Oaks, CA

Welcome to Mississippi

Whynot, Mississippi Motorsports Park Fun!

Christmas in July thanks to ward member Cindy Slaughter and her elf niece and daughter 
fun seens from the movie Elf.... oh and there was Christmas music playing in the background
(Mormon Tabernacle Choir of course)

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