Monday, July 20, 2015

Investigators + church (Prayers please)

July 20, 2015

Hey Family,

Love you all and hope everything is going good. Love the pics!!!!

Monday, we hanged with the elders for a little bit at the church playing spot it. Then we went to Fern's house and painted. We had a lot of fun painting and I know that she sent you a few pics.

Tuesday, while we were tracting I went to go knock on a door and I looked up and a huge spider was right in front of my face. Sister Demetropolous and I were laughing about it. After we went and saw Essie. We sang a few hymns with her and showed her my picture book. It was fun looking through the pictures and being able to sing. It went very well, but we are struggling to have Essie come to church. She is an eternal investigator and has been seen by a bunch of missionaries. We will just have to see where the Lord takes her. 

Wednesday, the Zone Leaders came up because they had MLC the week before so they talked with us about what happened. Nothing much is going to change right now. President Olsen is just feeling out the mission and will make some changes later on in the future. Then later that, Tammy Myhre and her husband took us out to dinner. We had a lot of fun being able to talk with another member. She is a convert to the church and they are both working on going to the temple. When we were leaving, it was pretty dark outside and we could see Tornado funnels starting to form. It was pretty cool.

Thursday, we went to Temple Theatre and we got to walk behind the scenes there. It was cool but creepy at the same time. I felt like the Phantom was going to pop out. Then after that we went to go see some referrals that we had recieved. We met Tocarro and were able to teach her the Restoration and when Sister Demetropolous invited her to be baptized, and  she said she would. Yay!!!!!! We were super excited about it and are trying to find a ride for her to come to church. Then we went to Sister Stone’s house and did a practice lesson with her on the Plan of Salvation. The lesson went very well and Sister Stone was very talkative today, which she normally isn't. Then we went over to Sarah and Colton Campbell’s house to have dinner. They are moving in a few weeks which is super sad because they are great. Later  we went to an investigators house, Jottie. Her daughters are members but she isn't. The oldest daughter had just got back from youth conference and wants to serve a mission. So we talked with her about our mission and got to watch some mission call openings on youtube. It was pretty fun to watch them and to think that I have already gone through that. It is so weird!! 

Friday, we rode our bikes in the morning and it was super hot outside. We had drank all of our water and no one answered the doors. But it was nice to ride the hills going back home. Then we went out to Marion to visit some  potential investigators. We got to see Clarissa and Brandi's girls. After we went to the Nelson's house to teach Tybise and then they feed us dinner. It was really good. Then we were able to talk with them for a little bit. 

Saturday, we tracted in the morning and tried seeing people. Then we went and helped a new family move-in. It took us about an hour or less to unload the moving truck. It was fun to meet the new family and talk with members.

Sunday, Church was kind of rough because none of our investigators came to church and the whole day was about pioneers and families. It made me pretty home-sick. After church we had correlation meeting and Brother Morgan was telling us to not be discouraged. After lunch we tried to see people and tract. We were getting eaten a live by mosquito's.   

My testimony has grown the most through everything. I know for a fact that Joseph  Smith was a prophet and he was called of God to restore the church in this dispensation. I know that my Faith in him has grown a lot. Having faith in him has made me become a better missionary and has helped me listen to the Holy Ghost more. I have been come a better, stronger person just being out almost 6 months and am excited to see me grow more.

Love you all!!!!!

Sister O'Connor

Tornado Funnel forming in Meridian

Spider that came down to my face while I was knocking on a door.
 "Gross and creepy"

McKenna's Meridian Masterpiece

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