Monday, June 29, 2015

2nd Week in Meridian, Mississippi

June 29, 2015

Hey Family,

So another week in Meridian and it has been pretty HOT!!! But it's supposed to get hotter in August, Yay... not.

So on Monday, we went and did laundry at a members house, Kori Clyde. Then we went to Dirt Cheap and looked around, and we found these shirts that are pretty funny. Then we meet the elders at a park and we played on the playground and took pics by the carousel. Then we went to the church building and played Spot it. It was a pretty fun day.

Tuesday, we went tracting in the morning and then we went and saw Essie and we talked to her about Faith and read from Ether 12. It was a really good lesson and you could feel the spirit there. Then we saw a less-active sister after and visited with her. 

Wednesday we had to drive to Philadelphia for District meeting which is about 30 minutes away. We talked about how we can introduce the Book of Mormon to people. It went very well. Then we did some tracting and it was super hot outside, we were sweating from head to toe. It was pretty gross. Then after we went to the church to judge the Cupcake Wars with the Young Women. There were some interesting cupcakes. Girls put cheese, hard-boiled eggs and roman noodles on it. It was pretty gross, but some were good. We had a lot of fun!!!

Thursday we biked to the Temple Theater which is about 2 miles away and there are a bunch of hills. It took us about 30 minutes to get there. Then we cleaned up the Theater to get everything ready for the show this weekend. Then we biked back to the apartment and drove to visit with Sister Stone. She is a convert for about a year now and we shared with her the talk that Elder Holland gave this last General Conference on How Justice, Love and Mercy Meet. I love that through the Atonement we are able to repent of our sins and how Jesus Christ holds on to us, even though it is with pierced hands.

Friday, we went out with Sister Golden to go visit with some potential investigators out in Marion. We saw some people, but most of them didn't have time so we are going to try back later. Then after she took us to Dairy Queen and got some ice cream. Then we got back home and did some more tracting. 

On Saturday, there was another Baptism for the Elders. So we went and helped with that and it was really good. Then we did some tracting and walking around down-town Meridian and took some pictures.

Sunday, Sister Demetropoulos and I went to Ward Council Meeting at 7 am. We talked a lot about how to make sacrament more spiritual. Then we talked about what was happening in the month of July and the Pancake breakfast that we are having on July 4th. Then we had church and we talked about the Prodigal Son. The lesson was good and I could feel the spirit so strongly. During Relief Society the lesson was on The Holy Ghost/ Comforter talked by Elder Eyring in the Women's session. I love how the Holy Spirit is our comforter and how he helps us chose for right and wrong. After church, we went out with Sister Connie Caraway for lunch and to go visit some people out in Stonewall. We had tacos and we had a lot of fun. It was nice to be able to drive through the country and see all of the green trees. We were with Connie about all day and as soon as we got home, we went and did some visiting teaching with Ashley and Kori. So we were pretty busy seeing people all day. The last sister we went to see was Sister Young and she was so excited to see us. She lives in a nursing home and her friend Mary was with her. We talked to them about the lesson which is one Forgiveness and Mercy, and it brings up the Prodigal Son. It went super good and her friend Mary wants Sister Demetropoulos and I to come visit with her again. Today has been such a great day. Learning of how even though we make mistakes, we still can return to our Father and He will welcome us with open arms. 

Love you all!!!!

Sister O'Connor  

 CUPCAKE WARS....Sister missionaries judging!

Carrousel Ride during PDay

Shopping at the Dirt Cheap store in Meridian

 Service at the Temple Theater

Pictures from last weeks Transfer to my second area Meridian, Mississippi
and President and Sister McDonough's last transfer before they return to Utah.
We will miss them.

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