Monday, June 15, 2015

Fun week and visit from the Ridges

June 9, 2015

Hey Family,

On Monday, So we did our normal p-day stuff, got up, emailed, got lunch and went to the church to hang with the Elders. We played some basketball and then watched some old Mormon messages. It was a lot of fun just to hang out with all of them. After P-day, we went over to the Crowder’s house to have dinner. They feed us black beans and rice with sausage and it was so good. We were able to talk with them more and were able to get to know them a little better. They are such a great family!!

Tuesday,  We were supposed to see Tracy but when we got there she had things to do so we were going to come back later. When we got into the car, Sister Bentley (one of the senior missionaries) called us to tell us that a new family was moving into the ward. So Sister Quilty and I went to go visit them. We meet the Hintze's, they just moved from Ohio and they are a cute little family. We were able to visit with them for a little bit and welcome them into the ward. After we went and tracted 2 hours and no one wanted to talk to us or open their door. Then after, we went and saw Cindy. Usually we have pizza but this time she made us steak and potatoes and it was super good. I always love going over to Cindy's house.

Wednesday, we had our district meeting and it is the last one for Elder Mobley because he goes home next week. So we had district meeting and then we all went out to eat at a place called Ryan's. It’s kind of like Golden Corral. So after we ate, Sister Quilty and I went to go tract after we went to correlation. Then we went back home to get everything ready for Exchanges. I will be going to Jackson with Sister Houston.

Thursday, I was in Jackson and went around with Sister Houston. We went and visited some of their investigators and was with some members, we also did a little bit of tracting. One of the investigators that we went to was with James, and he is a blind man. It was very cool to be able to talk to him about the gospel and the ten commandments. I could tell that he was wanting a change in his life and that was through what we were teaching. After the lesson, we made our way back to Flowood.

Friday, we did our weekly planning and then we went to the church to have lunch and to watch the funeral for Elder L. Tom Perry. The senior missionaries feed us and we were able to watch the beautiful service for him. Watching it helped remind me that our mission doesn't end when I leave the field or when our life on the earth is over. Our mission continues on into the next life. How amazing is that!! After the service, we went to go visit Shari. It is always fun visiting Shari. We were able to talk with her and to read from the Book of Mormon. She always loves when we are able to read from it with her. After Sister Quilty and I went tracting. A few people answered their doors and we are meeting some of them this week.

Saturday,  We woke up and started to clean the car because it needs to be clean for Zone Conference because they do car inspections. So we did that and then we spent most of the day up by the reservoir. We did some more tracting and we did it in kind of a rich area and people weren't so open hearing from us. After we went and stopped by the Love's house to see how they are doing. They are doing great and are just settling in to their new home and Mississippi.

Sunday, Church was really great. It was Fast Sunday so we got to hear from ward members testimonies and I could feel the spirit. I learned that we can't bury our testimonies in the ground, but we need to share it with others. After church we were able to talk with a few members and then we went home for lunch. After lunch we cleaned the apartment a little because Melissa Ridge and her parents were coming over. The time came when Ridge was here. I was so excited to see her again and to be able to talk with her for a little bit and see how she is doing now that she is no longer a missionary. It is going to be really hard when I have to say good-bye to her one more time.
With transfers next week, I will most likely be leaving Flowood. I will find out on Saturday where I will be going. I got the package and I’m sending back the mesh bottoms, they are a little too big.

For Jared, I guess: State-side- Florida and Foreign- Brazil.
I am so excited to hear what is going on over there back in Utah. Thank you again for the pictures, I really love them.
I love you all so much and miss you.
Alma 38:9  

Sister O’Connor
 Bank Sign

 Bottle Tree

 President and Sister McDonough's last hugs before they return home.
 I have loved serving under them.

 Miss Shari and I

 Zone Conference June 9, 2015

 Dinner at Mugshots with my district. Thank you Brother and Sister Ridge!

 Dessert at Baskin Robbins

 "The Last Supper" as Cindy Roundtree says, with
her granddaughter.

 House we found tracting.

 Melissa Ridge and I together again.

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