Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Us playing basketball!

May 9, 2016

Hey Family,

It was super great to get to talk to y'all yesterday!

So last Monday we got to play basketball for p-day and that was a lot of fun. We played for a couple hours and got very tried after, ha ha! 

We got to go out to Sister Herron's house and go to help her with her lawn. We made a path for her to walk on and laid down some mulch. We were able to get it all laid down and then got to have lunch with her. She is such a sweet lady. Then we got to go help Debbie who lives right by us and clean her apt. We go over every week to help her out and to visit with her because not many people come over to visit with her. She really appreciated it and she treated us with dinner. We got to talk with her a little bit and we could tell that she really liked it. 

On Wednesday we got to go to Greenwood for our district meeting which is about an hour or so away. Elder Ross and Elder Butterflied are in Greenwood and so we got to see them and we had a really good meeting talking about faith and how much Heavenly Father trusts us enough to send us out on missions. Then we got to go eat and this pretty good Chinese place. Then we got back to Greenville and went and got ready for our scripture study class. We are starting at the beginning of the Book of Mormon and we went over 1 Nephi 1. We had about 7 people show up to the class which was really good compared to last week. Everyone had great comments and questions. We got to talk a little bit with Sammy after and he is starting to open up more. 

Thursday and Friday we went and tried to see a lot of people and most of them didn't answer or weren't home. We got to see a media referral named Jeffery, he asked for a Bible and he was also interested in a Book of Mormon as well. He has some potential and we will be visiting him on Tuesday so hopefully all will go well. We got to go out with Sister Turley and got to try a less-active. She was home and got to visit with her for a little bit and she was really nice. The only reason she couldn't come to church was because she didn't have a car and now she has one so hopefully she will start coming back. We got to see another less-active and her name is Naomi. She is a super sweet lady. She is very knowledgeable in the gospel and is awesome. 

We got to visit Kesha, her family and Sammy. And when we got there, it was a really weird situation that we walked into. We got to go over Faith with them and it went pretty well. Sammy wrote in his Book of Mormon, "Faith is the first step to change in my life." We can tell that he wants to change his life and we want to help him with it.

Of course Sunday was Mother's day and we had a really good time in church. The priesthood gave out flowers to all of the women and we got cookies in Relief Society. After church, we got to go over to the Turley's to help them make dinner. Then I got to talk to y'all which I really enjoyed and I didn't want to get off. 

I can't believe that I am down to double digits left on my mission. Time is going by so fast, next thing I know, I will coming off the airplane. 

I love you all and hope y'all have a good week.

Sister McKenna O'Connor     

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