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December 7, 2015

So we had Transfers this past week and a lot of changes. I found out that they took Sisters out of Meridian and Flowood Wards. I was really surprised about it. Also a lot of people came down to the coast. I got to see Sister Kay, which I haven't seen her since coming out to Mississippi, so that was nice. We waited at the Stake center for everyone and we got to play volleyball and basketball.  Sister Thompson went back to Biloxi and her new companion is Sister Golder, which Sister Burgess trained her so it's a small world. After we went and had dinner at the Shumaker's house. They are such an awesome family. We always have a lot of fun with them.

Tuesday we were lucky enough to meet with a less-active. It has been really hard to get to meet her because she is a nurse. She is such a sweet lady. She lost her husband a few years ago and just hasn't had time to come to church. We got to talk with her about a General Conference talk and it went very well. She is a really nice lady and hopefully we can help her come back. The Doyle's fed us and their in-laws were there. They are from Arizona and they tried making Cafe Rio. It was pretty good but not the same.

This past week, we have been trying really hard to find new investigators but it has been really hard. No one wants to talk with us and it is really exhausting getting yelled at. The Cordon’s fed us on Thursday and they are so funny. We always have interesting conversations.

The Shumaker's fed us again on Friday and after we got to play a few games of knock-out/speed. It was a lot of fun and pretty cold outside. I won a few games so I was pretty happy about that. They also told us about Coach Mendenhall . That is pretty insane, and also about USU going to the Boise Bowl. That will be interesting.

Saturday, we went out with Sister Ganschow and tried to see people and we didn't get to see anyone of the 5 people we were trying to see. Then after we went and helped the Thomas's with putting up their Christmas tree.

Sunday was so nice. At church we had a really good Testimony meeting. You could really feel the spirit. Then after church we had choir practice. We are getting ready for the Christmas program coming up. After we went and tried a potential investigator, Jolynn. She was home and we got to talk with her for a little. We gave her a card last time and she was wondering if she could get the Finding Faith in Christ video. So we told her we would bring it over, and then we gave her the website for the new Christmas video that just came out. I really love watching the video. Then we went to the Mallya's for dinner and they fed us curry. It was really good. Then we went back to Jolynn's to give her the videos (We also gave her the Restoration and another one). We then got to go back to the church for the Christmas Devotional. It was such a great devotional. I loved everyone’s talks and the Mo Tab singing. I felt the spirit so strongly. Wished we could have heard from President Monson. After we had a cookie exchange and I made my Oreo balls and they were all gone within minutes which made me really happy. So this week has been good.

This Wednesday we get to have the Mega Zone Conference and I am pretty excited. I love the pictures of the Crèche, it looks like it turned out great!! Oh Dad gets to go to Florida that is pretty close to us. Well my Ministerial card expires on August 8th so I would come home the 10th. That is so cool you guys get to go to California for Christmas. That will be fun.

I hope y'all have a great week.
Love and miss ya!!!!

Sister McKenna O'Connor  

24 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar

Interesting tree we found while tracting

My Missionary Card

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