Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Half Way There "Hump Day" & Happy Halloween

November 2, 2015

Hey Family,

Hope everything is going well in good old Utah. Mississippi is doing pretty good. This week was a pretty good week. We got to hang out with a lot of members this week with meal appointments and visiting teaching. The members here are awesome and they take really good care of us and go out with us. Many of the families here are military families because of the base nearby. We got feed by the Chesley Family on Monday and they are a great family, and I believe they will be feeding us on Christmas, but I’m not sure. We went visiting teaching with Bobbi Scaturo and Sister Thomas (Not Thelma) and we had a whole lot of fun. We got to visit quite a few sisters in the ward.

So this week we tracted for 9 hours and got 4 lessons out of it. There are a lot of Catholics down on the coast. It makes it a little harder to find people here but we are working so hard. We didn’t have the car for most of the week and we have probably walked I don't even know how much we walked, ha-ha! Being down at the coast, we have gotten to bed around 9:30 pm because we work so hard and am so exhausted by the end of the day, which is such a good thing. It feels great.

Saturday was a pretty fun day. We got to help out with the Bishop storehouse. Well the storehouse is in Gulfport, so they ordered everything and we set it all up in the gym at the church. We got to shop for people and it was awesome to help out people in the ward and area. Bobbi picked us up and we had donuts which were good. Oh by the way, they have a Krispy Cream Donuts down here!! The rest of the day was hard talking with people because everyone was getting ready for Halloween. But after a while, we went to the church and had a pumpkin carving contest and had some treats to eat with the other missionaries. It was fun, but holiday’s kind of stink on the mission. Yesterday we had dinner at the Cardons home, and we got to talk about missions, because Brother Cardon served his mission in Florida. And they made us caramel apples which were really good. So this week was a good week.

I think I will be down here for the Holidays. You could maybe send  the packages it to the Cardons? I watched the bands show, it is so cool. That makes me happy that they placed 3rd. I am so proud of them. Mango always makes shows that are BOA style, Utah is just REALLY biased, we all know which is lame. I hope they do awesome in San Francisco and I am so jealous.

I love you all and miss you every single day!!

Sister McKenna O'Connor


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