Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Transfered to Ocean Springs

October 26, 2015

Hey Family,

So this is my first week down at the coast. I haven't seen the ocean yet but I will probably this week. 

On transfer day (Tuesday) I got to see Sister Quilty before she went home to Canada and that was really nice. So we took a 12 passenger van down south, we first stopped in Hattiesburg where I got to see Sister Demo. We got to catch up a little bit, then I got back in the van for the hour ride to the coast. When we got there, I saw Sister Burgess and I am super excited for this transfer. Also I got to see the Sauciers which it was nice to see a familiar face. 

It has been very weird being in a new area, also I am driving for right now and that has been pretty stressful because I have no idea where I am going. And now trying to remember everyone's name again, but I will get it down.

Sister Burgess is awesome. We have been having a lot of fun. Last transfer she had a REALLY hard companion and has enjoyed having a nice companion and taking a break from all the drama. I know that I am her companion for a reason and we will be working so hard, which I am excited about.
The members are great here. They feed us good and go out with us each week. I have gotten the opportunity to meet a couple of the families and they are all really nice and care about the missionaries. I still miss all of the members in Meridian but I will love the members here. 

Our district is really small, it’s just us and a set of elders, (Double date district). Elder Ross is from West Jordan and has been out for 18 and a half months. Elder Nubivula (I don’t know how to spell it, ha ha) He has been out for about a year and is from Fiji. They are both funny guys.
So this past week we have just been going out with members, tracting and fixing some bridges. Some investigators had to be dropped because of a certain missionary so we have been finding them and fixing/starting relationships with members.

I can't believe I hit my half-way mark on Wednesday. It has all gone by so fast and I know these next 9 months will go by even faster. You truly do lose the time when you are enjoying the Lord's work.
So happy that Mikey ended the term with great grades and with all that he has done. Yea, you bet Lehi, that makes me happy. Happy that Ashleigh is doing well in school and work. I really hope that everything is clear with her MRI. 

WOW, Can't believe the stake split... again!!! Is President McMurtary still our Stake President?? It will be exciting with them making new callings. News with Hurricane Patrica, we will just be getting a lot of rain these next few days. It's supposed to rain about 3 inches today but we need the rain. I will make sure I drive carefully. 

I love and miss y'all and hope y'all have a great week!!!!!

Sister McKenna O'Connor

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