Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Happy Birthday Sister Williams and just a great week....and service

September 21, 2015

Hey Family,

So this week has been pretty good. On Tuesday, it was Sister Williams Birthday!!!! We went out with Fern to go visit people and we felt prompted to go visit Essie. When we got there, she welcomed us in and we could tell that she was struggling because she needed help with getting her mother-in-law off the pot. So we were able to help her with that, and we could see that she appreciated it. Then after meeting with her, Fern took us to Outback Steak house. We were able to eat with her and her husband Dale and got to have some laughs. I know what Fern did this for us and especially Sister Williams, it really made her Birthday special.

Wednesday was super busy. So this was our bike week this week and the Elders had to go down to Brandon so we were able to get the car on Wednesday. We got to see some less-actives and some investigators. It was so great to be able to see a lot of people and when we were visiting with them, Sister Williams and I sung a bunch of Hymns. We have been singing a lot this week and it has been amazing how you can feel the Spirit with music. I was able to feel close to Grandma and oh how I miss her singing. 

Thursday, we were about to bike to Temple Theater, but Sister Williams hurt her knee while taking the bike down the stairs. We called the Elders and Elder Homer and Elder Shreenan came over to check it out. They put this KT tape on it and then they took our bikes (which we have a blue and purple bike, so it was really funny to see them on it) and they rode down to the Theater and they gave us the car. Sister Williams was putting on a good face but I could tell that it was really hurting. After the Theater we drove back to the house and the Elder rode. They then told us that they were going to go grab their bikes and they were going to give us the car for the rest of the week. We tried telling them that we would be fine, but they wouldn't take no for an answer. So they gave us the car and know are biking this week. We are so thankful for what they did and we pray every day that they will have success in finding people. 

So we were going to have baptisms this Wednesday, but we will need to push it back. We met with Jaylon and Payton this past week. And the first visit went well, but the second visit some questions came about. After the lesson, I was bold with Jaylon and asking him if he even wanted to be baptized. He didn't answer me and we don't want to push them into it. So were going to wait and not rush anything. 

This past weekend we had Stake Conference and it was amazing. The main thing that they were focusing on was going to the Temple and shepherding others too. Talked a lot about our covenants that we make with our Heavenly Father and we will receive blessing when we attend the Temple. I am excited for this Saturday for the General Women's Broadcast and being able to learn more things.
Mikey looks so cute and I am happy that he and Sadie had a fun time. WOW, that doesn't surprise me with Herriman. Good thing I wasn't there, Ha ha!! 

There's a film producer down here filming a documentary about a Community College and how some of their players are going to really good teams and even getting drafted into the NFL. We got to have lunch with him yesterday with Connie. We got to talk about how Football is a religion down here in the South, and how he went to the Alabama vs. Ole Miss game and telling us how insane it was. Oh how I miss Football. 

Sister James was such a great STL and I loved serving with her. I met Elder Whitney right when I got off the plane. He welcomed me in and told me how I was going to be serving in Flowood. The next day, I got called to Flowood. He was such a great guy and was super nice to a new missionary and helped me not be scared about the mission. Even though I only met him for a short time, I am so grateful to have met him. 

That is so cool that you are helping out with Zone Conference. It is a lot of fun and I know that you will feel the Spirit strongly there with a bunch of missionaries there. I know they will be so grateful for you doing that. Those missionaries that you met at the gas station, you probably made their day. And they are right, that you will be blessed for helping his servants. 
 Sister Cruz serving in the Orem Utah Mission from Gulf Port, MS

I am so grateful for the Family and Friends that I have. With Williams and I getting to our half-way mark, I have been able to love and appreciate everyone and this Gospel. I know that this Gospel is the true Gospel that Christ established on the earth and was restored by the prophet Joseph Smith. I have gained a testimony that he was called by God to be the prophet of this Last dispensation and how much he sacrificed for the Church (D&C 135). I know that I have been called to the MJM for a reason and that I am meant to be here and meet all of these wonderful people. I love this church so much and grateful for everything that my Heavenly Father has given me. I know that he loves me so much that he sent his Son, Jesus Christ down to the earth and that he died for me. A Daughter of God!!!!

I love you all so very much!!!!
Sister McKenna O'Connor

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