Friday, January 30, 2015

MTC Drop off

The morning went well as we finished up the last minute packing and shuffling of McKenna's things listening to the Mo Tab. McKenna was so obedient to the mission rules after she was set apart. Ashleigh was her 1st companion as she was always by her side. We had an enjoyable lunch at the Pizza Factory before going to the Provo Temple parking lot to say our good byes and see McKenna's best friend "Elder Reid Scholz" before he entered the MTC too. It was great seeing him and gave McKenna a little more peace as they were the Color Guard Captains at USU and preparing for missions together. After taking pictures, hugs and a few tears it was time to drop her off to her new home for 13 days. It was such a fun and happy experience as everyone we met were welcoming, kind and helpful. We were directed to the bottom of the hill where McKenna's host Sister was there to welcome her. Her name was "Sister Wright." In my personal prayers that morning, I asked Heavenly Father if he would allow my mom to be with her to watch over and help her. As we got out of the car the sister who was to help her was in fact "Sister Wright"! Wow what a tender mercy for our loving Heavenly Father. He does know everything about us and the desires of our heart. We gave our final hugs, well wishes and family picture before McKenna started up the hill to this amazing journey that lies ahead of her. She turned and gave us a wave. As we drove around to leave the MTC gates she was at the top of the hill getting ready to enter the MTC doors and Mike gave his famous whistle, in which she turned and smiled!!!! What an amazing missionary she will be. Go forth in faith!

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